Chief Nutrition Officer & Secretary

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Eric Olle

Director of Veterans Programming and Fishing Programming

Director of Adaptive Martial Arts & Self Defense

Cole Rogers is a young martial artist that was born with arthrogryposis, causing him to have severely limited mobility. As a younger person he was often intrigued by martial arts but did not start training formally until 2008 when he was approached by an instructor. Since then he has trained with instructors in many styles such as Kali/Escrima, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kempo, and Krav Maga. While many world class instructors were more than happy to accept him into their schools, he was often times turned away due to his disability. Not wanting others to have to endure the same struggle, he made it his goal to make training accessible to everyone.

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President, CEO & Lead Athlete

Chef Tim Swinehart

A 40yr Professional in the Telecommunications arena currently with Amdocs Inc. He has worked around the world in over 20 countries. Although he works in a high tech world, he can still run a tractor or wire a house.  Innovation and Reliability are keywords both in his work and in his life.  He looks forward to seeking ways to influence and support the Gimpstyle foundation with his background to provide creative out of the box innovations for all programs. He has learned a lot about the adaptive sports arena from working with his son and looks forward to expanding on that base.

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CFO & Chief Scientific Officer

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Lead Technology and IT Director 

J.W. "Coop" Moreno

Dale Armor

Please watch this video to learn more about our Director of Veterans Programming and Fishing Programming and his journey.  This is a video he did for our Preferred Orthotics and Prosthetics Provider Victory Orthotics & Prosthetics

Alex Armor is the founder of the Gimp Style Foundation and it was his vision, supported by the chosen board members that have brought this foundation to a reality.  Alex is a Disabled Veteran and Professional Adaptive Athlete.  He competes in Adaptive Highland Games as well as Strongman event and other Strength sports.  He started this foundation to help mitigate the barriers to other people with disability living an active life and pursuing Adaptive Sports.  He currently resides in Johnson City, TN but travels all over the country, continent and world to compete and promote the benefit of Adaptive Sports!

Cole Rogers

Alex "The Tank" Armor