The Gimp Style Foundation is dedicated to not only changing the world of sports but changing the world one step at a time.  The foundation will fund and conduct within its limitations specialized research into the unique needs of our Adaptive Athletes and find ways to mitigate barriers with each new thing we learn. From cooling issues for the Amputee to nutritional issues for the para athlete.  We will advocate for the Adaptive Athlete and the Disabled Veteran. Yet the most important aspect here is that we will EDUCATE.  It is an amazing thing, the number of people who would be willing to help if they just knew the problem and how to solve it.  We will do this through education on a daily basis through our programming and our actions.

The Founder, CEO and Lead Athlete of the Gimp Style Foundation is a Disabled Army Veteran and therefore has a unique understanding and passion for helping his fellow Disabled Veterans.  The unique process of our veterans programming is necessary for the best outcomes for all involved.

  • Phase 1 - This is what we call the Engagement phase.  This phases primary purpose is to start a dialogue and build support among brothers to help begin or further an active lifestyle and positive change.  These events and contact can be the catalyst to begin or further forward progress.  Engagement events will be things like Warrior Hunts, Warrior Treks, Warrior Goals, and R&R.
  • Phase 2 - This is what we call the Crossover phase.  This phase is not necessarily separated as this is where we look at a Warriors passions, skill set and biomechanical ability to see what sports could become or become again a part of their life and begin to support, coach and assist on pursuing these sports even if just at a friendly level.  The active lifestyle is the primary goal with pursuit of higher level competition or engagement a secondary goal.  This program will always be about overall quality of life first and foremost.
  • Phase 3 - This is the Trainer phase.  Once we and the Warrior have seen the positive impact these changes have made and they are committed not only to their new normal, but ready to help his brothers and sisters in arms, Warriors are given the opportunity should they want, to become a mentor and coach to the next Warrior behind them.  When brothers and sisters in arms work together, there is nothing that can not be achieved.

J.W. Moreno, a 10 year Professional Fisherman and former Bull Rider, will be running our Adaptive & Therapeutic Fishing program both for our Disabled Veterans and for our other clients with living with disability.  J.W. lost his leg due to complications of a knee replacement but refused to let that keep him down and just changed gears from professional bass boat tournament fishing to professional kayak bass fishing.  His experience has brought a passion to the forefront of his life to help others enjoy the passion of fishing no matter their obstacles.  J.W. also is a veteran of the U.S. Army and will be a director of our veteran specific programming as well.  Later this year the Gimp Style Foundation will be putting on a Veteran kayak bass fishing tournament on on Douglas Lake in Dandridge, TN.

Adaptive & Therapeutic Fishing

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This program is directed by Cole Rogers. He is a young martial artist that was born with arthrogryposis, causing him to have severely limited mobility. As a younger person he was often intrigued by martial arts but did not start training formally until 2008 when he was approached by an instructor. Since then he has trained with instructors in many styles such as Kali/Escrima, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kempo, and Krav Maga. While many world class instructors were more than happy to accept him into their schools, he was often times turned away due to his disability. Not wanting others to have to endure the same struggle, he made it his goal to make training accessible to everyone.  In keeping with who he is and what he believes he in he has agreed to be the Director of our Adaptive Martial Arts & Self Defense program.  We will let him give his own description of the program.

  • "Our goal is to provide the opportunity for adaptive athletes to enrich their lives by participating in traditional martial arts, modern day sport martial arts (MMA), and realistic self-defense training all geared towards the individual goals and safety of the participant."

This does not limit Cole from encompassing ANY martial or combat sport as well as practical self defense.  This program could not be in the hands of a person more capable, knowledgeable and dedicated person than Cole Rogers! 

J.W. Moreno giving a seminar on baits on the Oklahoma Bass Tub at the Bass and Saltwater Fishing Expo in Raleigh NC Jan 13-15 2017.

Adaptive Athletes

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Veterans Programming

Adaptive MMA & Self Defense

We serve our adaptive athletes as not only a source of funding but a source of mentorship, training, nutritional guidance and partnership.  Unlike other organizations we are not sport specific.  The founder Alex Armor is a professional Para-Chair Adaptive Highland Games Athlete and strength sports competitor and this foundation was started with the goal of mitigating the barriers he has and continues to overcome in his career.  The process of being a Gimp Style Foundation Adaptive Athlete is a simple process as follows.

  • Contact GSF at or through the contact link at the bottom of the homepage.
  • Go through a simple yet thorough application.
  • An initial decision will be made and initial goals for the athlete set
  • The partnership begins with laying the ground work and finding the necessary equipment, mentor and advisors.
  • Training begins and is tracked, actual metrics and baselines established, trial and error for technique and accommodations necessary should it be a non-traditional Adaptive Sport.
  • Competition and financial planning.
  • After key milestones have been reached the athlete is considered for a Gimp Style Foundation Ambassador position.

Through this programs athletes will be eligible for Gimp Style Foundation grants to reduce the financial burden on a needs basis.

Although all Adaptive Sports are welcome and will be given our full dedication we currently have one specialty sport program that i would love to introduce!