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A non profit organization dedicated to the promotion of Adaptive Sports

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and empowering Adaptive 
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Not only do our adaptive athletes need education and training but so does the sports world. All too often do we see great adaptive athletes denied the ability to compete based solely on a lack of education and knowledge about their endeavors.

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world what our adaptive  athletes can do!! 

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Empty stomachs hurt. There has been a visible lacking in research, knowledge and advancement of sports nutrition availability for adaptive athletes and their unique nutritional and dietary needs.

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Most of us are fortunate enough to have our battle in becoming an athlete be motivation or skill, not lack Adaptive Athlete friendly competitions or ability to travel and definitely not the simple act of being allowed to compete. If you are pursuing any non-paralympic Adaptive Sports, focused non profit organizations are severely lacking.

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To help us increase access & develope community, social, educational and  advocacy initiative of disabled individuals through the use of education, research, national/international sports competition and grants/charity such as travel, training and entrance fee grants in accordance with state, local and federal non-profit regulations please consider donating, volunteering or just spreading the word.